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Brand Leadership Marketing

People buy products, but they choose brands. So the ultimate marketing goal for any company is to create a Brand Identity that separates you from everyone else.The strongest Identity is that of a Leader.

To build a Brand Leadership Identity there are four main components: Brand Awareness, Brand Perception, Brand Icons (which are Brand Boosters) and Brand Loyalty.

Not surprisingly, Brand Leaders have the best Brand Awareness, the best Quality Perception, the best-known Brand-Boosting Icons and the strongest Brand Loyalty. The secret is to create marketing programs that build up all four dimensions simultaneously.

If you’re not the brand leader in your category, the best marketing approach is to narrow your focus and own a specific piece of the market category in people’s minds. The secret is to create a concept within your market that lets you be seen as a Leader.

A Brand Leader owns its category or sub category. This automatically communicates better quality. It can justify better margins. And it produces a higher return on investment. We believe every company is better at something. So what does it take to be seen as a Leader?

The key to building and maintaining brand leadership is a VISIONARY STRATEGY, BRILLIANT EXECUTION and a TOTALLY INTEGRATED MARKETING PLAN.

Visionary Strategy will create a Brand Positioning that differentiates your brand from everything else in a way that strongly appeals to your target segments into the future.

Brilliant Execution will create a powerful Brand Identity which must constantly burst out of the clutter and provide a continuous boost for the brand, creating a cumulative impact over time.

Totally Integrated Marketing requires the right communication tools. These are nearly always much more than just advertising. In fact, very often advertising plays only a small role and, sometimes, no role at all.

The powerful brands of tomorrow also need to understand how to build strong Brand Loyalty, using interactive media, direct response, promotions, web marketing and many other devices that provide RELATIONSHIP-building experiences.

Retaining just 5% more customers can boost profits as much as 95%! And it’s so much easier if you are seen as a Leader!

If you want help to establish a Leadership perception for your branding, contact us.
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