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How can we create selling ideas that will be effective in the marketplace? This is still the most important task of advertising.

Over the years, the people at Brand Leadership Marketing have learned a lot from a constant and regular analysis of advertising that has been effective. That does not mean we can set any fool-proof rules to follow. Every new advertising task is a new opportunity. But experience has taught us basic disciplines to adopt, key questions to ask and executional techniques to consider, so that we are likely to develop a better chance of success.

Almost every success shows there is no substitute for thoroughness in approach and no substitute for imagination in creating bold, thought-provoking ideas. At its most basic, advertising is simply bringing a product and people together with an idea that is strongly branded. Trying to evaluate an advertising idea when it’s first created is never easy. But we can ask questions about three key components.

Of the product or service: What fundamental advantage are we offering or suggesting over the competitors? This can be rational or emotional. It can be direct or indirect. For new customers, it should be convincing. For existing customers, it should be reassuring.

To the people we are targeting: Is our idea attracting them? In this over-communicated world, the key task of every execution is to get noticed. Any research of advertising shows that IMPACT is worth four times the value of everything else. Only then can we ask: Is it involving? Is it motivating? Is it memorable?

On branding: Have we done our best to ensure our ideas can be identified with the brand we are advertising? All too often, advertising that people like is not associated with the brand. The reason is simple. It is advertising that attracts you to the advertising, not to the brand. This is wasting your dollars.

Often all three components are very much a part of your campaign. Sometimes, the focus is clearly on the product, sometimes we depend on the use of people and sometimes we rely heavily on brand properties. Knowing where to put the emphasis, and why, is critical in developing advertising ideas that are effective in the marketplace today.

When it comes to advertising, we have one goal: Brand Preference Advertising. So, if you want advertising that will encourage people to switch to your brand, contact us. If you want ideas with the power to pull prospects from other brands, contact us. If you want an image that is locked into your brand and that adds value to your brand, contact us.
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