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We are a unique group of marketing and communication experts, each with over 20 years’ experience in different creative fields, who can work for you on any brand-building project. We provide cost-effective marketing ideas that build business.

We have experience in building brands in North America, Europe and Asia. We have developed leadership marketing programs that have been used around the world. We have helped start-up companies in the United States, Canada, England and Japan. And we’ve handled just about everything in between.

We are problem solvers. We are idea innovators. And we are great executionists. For some companies, we are consultants. But, unlike most consultants, we can follow through and do the work. This makes our proposals practical! For others, we are strategic partners who position new companies and reposition existing companies.Think of us as your off-site office for ideas!

We have top people in New York, Toronto, London and Tokyo we can call on. We have, at different times, all worked together on problems and ideas of every type and size. We know each other and we respect each other. We have talent and experience ready to help you. We only meet at your offices when needed. Otherwise, we communicate regularly through a project leader, keeping you updated at every step. We like saving you money!

We’re also frugal! Unlike advertising agencies, design and direct marketing companies, or PR operations, you don’t pay for overheads you don’t need. You only pay for the top talent you use. And you only get top people working on your business. If you’re not happy with work other people are doing on your current assignments, we can bring a better core team together to make your business problem their top priority. It can be one or two people or half a dozen people!

We produce advertising campaigns and corporate identities. We build and execute brand loyalty programs. We create and organize promotions. We plan PR campaigns. We produce sales and conference materials. We write speeches. We design brand-boosting icons and logos. We refocus companies for today’s ever-changing marketplace. But we’re all independent. So, we don’t need to push any specific type of solution. You know only too well how advertising agencies want you to spend more on advertising!

How about the solution that says “spend a lot less” on expected marketing and spend just a little on innovation! Or that most of your Year 1 budget on new products is wasted!

What is your biggest single marketing problem? Contact us today and we’ll help you solve it. We’ll give you ground-breaking ideas within a week. Miracles take a little longer.
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