The Design Advantage

Design is the most undervalued option in marketing today. Its role is all too often relegated to the look of brochures and catalogues when it should be an integral part of every piece of marketing.In a world where so many companies compete on price or quality and still are not differentiated, design can make the difference. In fact: Design can be The Brand Advantage.

Great design can make a brand come alive. Companies likes Apple, The Body Shop, Bosch, Braun, Herman Miller, Nike, Rubbermaid, Starbucks and Sony have long realized the power of design. It shows in everything they do.

Even on its own, design can set a brand apart. As Tom Peters writes in his book Circle of Innovation: for some brands Design is Differentiation. Norio Ohga, chairman of Sony said it well: “We assume all products of our competitors will have basically the same technology, price, performance and features. Design is the only thing that differentiates one product from another in the marketplace.”

You don't have to be in the design business to make design an important part of your organization. Design works for engineering and manufacturing companies and for any financial or service firm.

At Brand Leadership Marketing, we know how to make good design part of your business cards, stationary, reward systems, promotions, delivery trucks, brochures, catalogues, direct response material as well as your advertising. We have even created the logo for a charity and turned into a powerful differentiating fund-raising campaign.

We use many design techniques. We use Animation. We animate products. We animate people. We use Contrast. We know how when to be Incongruous in design. We know when to be unusual and when to be unexpected. We know how to use Harmony as a dramatic stopper. For new ideas, we make the strange Familiar. For existing products we make the familiar Strange. We know when to be Nostalgic. When to Personalize. When to Symbolize. When to create Sequences. How to encourage Participation. For small space ads, we know how to Flag Your Audience. For Posters, we know how to be Larger Than Life. We know how to move people with Movement.

If you need a Design Advantage for any part of your sales or marketing mix, call us. Let us Surprise you with our Ingenuity.
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